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The Blanks Spot Sublimation INK

The Blanks Spot Sublimation INK

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The Blanks Spot Sublimation INK. One of the best Sublimation Inks on the market today!! NO COLOR PROFILE NEEDED.. High quality, Very Vibrant!!! With the 4pk you get 'TWICE THE INK' 140ml per bottle. Comes in the standard four colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CYMK)!! Shelf Life 18 months... Formulated for all Epson Eco-Tank and WF inkjet printers. 

Refill Bottles are 70ml each...

Eco Tank Ready. Bottle is keyed FOR ALL EPSON ECO TANK PRINTERS except ET-8550, ET-8500. For the ET-8550 or ET-8500 you will need a syringe to fill the tanks.  


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